Saturday, 11 June 2011

THE FILM LOCKER #2: Woody Allen ...

Only recently, amongst the much-appreciated feedback (email us!) we received for our Martin Scorsese episode, fellow blogger and podcaster Dylan noted that the music could be a tad overbearing ... well, luckily, with Woody Allen we have his brilliant Jazz and Classical music to set under our voices discussing his work.

Our choice of film is Hannah and Her Sisters. Purposefully, not his most well known, but definately representative of Woody Allen's two sides - his comedic film  and his philosophical style.

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Again - amazing art work by Hatter!

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  1. Yes, Woody's excellent taste in jazz made for far fewer lapses in my concentration.

    I liked how you guys asked something along the lines of "has ANYONE seen every Woody film?" I feel like I've barely scratched the surface despite having seen somewhere around 10. Crazy. Haven't seen Hannah/Sisters.


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