Saturday, 18 June 2011

THE FILM LOCKER #3: David Cronenberg and 'The Fly'

So, much love to our new listeners who have entered the competition and the writer-inners (email us!) and with two in the bag - a Woody Allen and a Martin Scorsese episode, we now move onto more obscene and obscure directors with David Cronenberg.

Our choice of film is The Fly. Hatter mentioned how, prior to our Woody Allen show, he had not seen Hannah and her Sisters, and the same is true of The Fly for me. In fact, in preparation I watched three Cronenberg films: The Fly, eXistenZ and Dead Ringers for the first time!

But we have a bunch of posts on a separate blog - - that highlight much deeper insights into the films of the directors we have mentioned and more details about upcoming episodes and the ongoing scoreboard for the listeners!

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  1. Sadly, I'm too much of a baby to ever watch The Fly. Giant insects (depicted or even the thought of them) are not something I can abide by. Certain ones, perhaps (i.e. I've seen some images of Naked Lunch and those things look more like aliens, so I can survive; also, the ones in Starship Troopers don't bug me too much), but not spiders or flies, for sure. Just hearing you two talk about the end was creeping me out.

    I'll send more feedback to the main email.


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