Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A-Z #86: Grease

You can pick up hundreds of DVDs for a round-pound each - it doesn't matter. It's never about quantity, it's about quality. A-Z is my way of going through my collection, from A-Z, and understanding why I own the films ... or you can tell me why I should sell 'em

#86 - Grease

Why did I buy it?

It was that time when, to some extent, DVD collections were limited and only a few films had been released. This film had gone down to £5 - at the time a bargain - and I bought it alongside The Italian Job, which was the same price.

Why do I still own it?

I haven't seen this for years. Years and years and years. But I love the hand-jive. Not to mention seeing young-Travolta dance his funky stuff. Back when I acted as a teenager, I always wished I could've been in Grease but, alas, it never happened. My blonde hair would mean I would could only be Travolta's friend Kenickie ... because no one would ever accept a blonde Danny Zuko. At least, by owning this film, I can watch and rewatch and think about what could've been ...
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  1. Hard for me to imagine which I'd rather watch less at any given moment: this or The Italian Job. Truth is, I've never seen this all the way through and never will - for whatever reason, I dispise it. That said, it's probably still a much better made film than ItJob will ever be.

    So, I guess I'm saying to keep it. ;)


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