Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Weekly Review: 01/07/2012

A weekly round-up of what I have been watching, listening to and discussing. Rather than just posts about film, this is a bit more all-encompassing as I think my interest in cinema and art crosses over and between a variety of sources...

Again, a slow-week in terms of film-watching. Partly due to the football dominating the screen in the flat (not my choice mind you) but also, my re-organisation of my Google Reader has been all for the best. Lots of commenting = not much film-viewing. I will address the balance this week.

Highlight of the Week:

Wimbledon 2012: Every year I attend. One year, Jo and I even recorded our podcast whilst watching a match. It seemed appropriate as, if I recall correctly, we discussed Woody Allen's Whatever Works and, amongst other aspects, Match Point came up on numerous occassions. This year, we managed to camp out from Friday to Saturday and get into the grounds at 9:30am. We watched Ana Ivanovic take out Julia Goerges first, before taking a brief break on Henman Hill. We then made the decision to watch Croatian Marin Cilic tackle the American, Sam Querrey. For 5 and a half hours. The second longest game in Wimbledon History. It was fascinating to see both players not give an inch ... until the end (The picture above was on the BBC and Sarah and I are both, in striped tops, behind Cilic). We hoped to see the Williams sisters play a doubles match, but this was moved when this match continued for so long. To finish the day, a re-sold ticket for £10 managed to get us into Centre Court to watch Andy Murray take on Marcos Baghdatis. We managed to see a hours worth of great tennis - and Andy Murray nab the lead. When it started, I didn't think Murray had a chance (I personally believe Murray is way overrated), but he turned things around and won the match within the short time left of the night. I cannot recommend Wimbledon highly enough - if you are a fan of tennis, get to London in July 2013.


Since watching All Quiet on the Western Front, for the Classic Columb, last week I have not watched a single film. Absolutely awful. Again blame Wimbledon and an effective Google Reader. And Football. Always blame football.


The Hollywood Gauntlet: Controversially, The Hollywood Saloon, ended earlier this year. Both hosts, Andy Siems and John Jansen, have decided to release their own podcasts. The Hollywood Gauntlet is John Jansen's. The first episode is four-and-a-half hours long and, even now, I haven't managed to listen to all of it. I recommend it though, as it has [so far] detailed to importance of a bunch of films in 1982. Conan the Barbarian, E.T: The Extra Terrestrial, Poltergeist and many, many more. I do miss Andy - I think the differing approaches to cinema always provided a great balance, but this is definately 'Johns' thing. We shall see how it goes ...

Reel Insight: I managed to catch up on their two-year anniversay show and its crazy to think that I remember a time when this podcast didn't exist. A weekly podcast is tough enough at the best of times - but for two-years! Madness. And I mentioned to Jess on the blog that any 'episode' dedicated to Hugh Jackman, I believe, will be a bit more than simply an analysis of the actors career. From what I understand, most women think of Hugh Jackman as more than an actor...

Eminem: 'Stan' is a masterpiece. It really, truly is. And I'm not a big hip hop fan.

TV/Theatre/Art Galleries/Books/Misc

The Simpsons: Season 8 continues. This week managed to include Sherry Bobbins. Which I have not seen before. And yes, it is great. Favourite Episode so far? I don't think so ... it's a very strong season.

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  1. Simon, I'm so jealous you get to Wimbledon every year. I play tennis regularly and am glued to the TV for the Grand Slams every year. I also think Murray is overrated, though he also is stuck behind three amazing players at the top.

  2. Yeah, Nadal's shock defeat was a suprise until Rosol completely flopped on Saturday. But it was great to see Murray on Centre Court. That was a first for me. You're in America aren't you? And doesn't that mean you have US Open? Is it close to you?

  3. That is you? On the Telly like? How very cool... you are almost famous!!

    As you know I didn't get around to much in the way of FILM watching, which is sucky.

    We are off to F1 next weekend so no films then either... grrrr

    Hopefully I can plat ourselves in the way of a TV Camera too ..


  4. Wow! F1! My Dad and Sister are huge fans. Not my bag. My own filmwatching has been minimal, but i watched two on Sunday, which is pretty damn good methinks.


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