Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Weekly Review: 08/07/2012

A weekly round-up of what I have been watching, listening to and discussing. Rather than just posts about film, this is a bit more all-encompassing as I think my interest in cinema and art crosses over and between a variety of sources...

I watched very few films last week. But this week, I watched a bunch. It was also my birthday yesterday so I recieved great gifts including The Artist, Hugo and Le-Donk and Scor-Zay-Zee. They will be watched I hope, within the week. We shall see...

Highlight of the Week

Andy Murray: I'll be brief. I didn't think he would do this. In fact, when he was playing Baghdatis, I dind't think he'd beat him. But I am completely wrong. I hope he goes all the way. As I understand, he won the first set in the final (which is on as I write this) - the first time he has ever won a set in a Grand Slam Final. "C'mon Murray!"


Kes: For the Classic Columb, and now it puts me in a position to watch more Ken Loach. Good times.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Fincher's film.I'd never seen it before and yeah, it's fine. I think a thriller story can only do so much and, as I have watched the Swedish version, the story is the same anyway. Yes its better but just because its more stylish due to a huge budget.

The Great Train Robbery: Never knew this was available on YouTube. Indeed, there are many, many films, available free on YouTube. Check out my 1001 Page to see how many are available.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Its not brilliant, because we have seen it before, but it has set up the potential for a better franchise and, now they have jumped this hurdle, I reckon the next film will be better than all of Raimi's.

The Fox and the Hound: A new Disney Blu-Ray which looks incredible, again, in Hi-Def. And, I think the only purpose for 'Vixy', the love-interest for Todd, is to establish that the animals are not gay.

The Artist: A present from Sarah. Still a brilliant film which I wish I could show the kids at my school. Having said that, there is 20min chunk which drags a little. As soon as Peppy is famous it loses a bit of pace. But definately deserving of Best Picture.


Shame Soundtrack: I blame Stevee from Cinematic Paradox for this. She had it on her page as a great soundtrack and, after a listen, I bought two tracks from the album. It is a fantastic score.

Hannibal Soundtrack: Still brilliant.

The Hollywood Gauntlet: Well, I have finished listening and they are both great listens. I need to watch more films from 1982 and I loved the comparison and discussion of both The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films, with further scope about the book itself. A good start ... what's next?

Demented Podcast: I always enjoy Steve Honeywell (from 1001plus) on the LAMBcast so I downloaded a couple of episodes of the podcast and listened to an episode discussing my favourite film of 2011, The Skin I Live In and Cronenbergs Dead Ringers (a film I watched for a podcast with Ryan McNeil last year). I shall ensure I write a more detailed, spoiler-filled comment on the relevant website, but their discussion of The Skin I Lived In missed out great discussion about gender and sexuality. What defines masculinity? what defines femininity? What about if you are transgender? What would you do if you were? Should you kill yourself over such a "horror"? These are what I believe the film is about - and it is what makes the film so brilliant!

TV/Theatre/Art Galleries/Books/Misc

I won't mention The Simpsons again. But Sarah recieved a gift of the two series of Sherlock so I believe that will be viewed very soon. Suffice to say, the TV has been filled with tennis this week.


  1. You watched more films than my - although I was impressed there was a cinema at the Roskilde music festival, where I went this week.

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - I agree that it was the bigger budget that made it possible to be better than the previous one, but it was generally just different from the Swedish movie. Noomi Rapace and Daniel Craig just delivered some different (not better, in my opinion) portrayals of their characters.

    The Great Train Robbery - Watched it last month, it was okay. Thanks for linking all the available movies on your page, that's really useful. Some are hardly available at all, even on DVD.

    The Artist - Impressive success, as a black-n-white silent film, but I don't find it deserving an Oscar for Best Picture. It was entertaining, just not really original enough, I thought there was too much Singin' in the Rain over it.

    I really like that you don't write about film only, by the way.

  2. Sorry to see Murray lose to Federer I actually cheered on him for the win today. Will you be sitting at the centercourt during the Olympics?

  3. @Mette - Thanks Mette. I always see Ryan McNeil's DAYS OF THE WEEK posts and consider that as an expectation. he seems to watch more films a week than there ar4e hours in the day! We seem to be in agreement with the films too!Thanks for the comment.

    @Shep - I won't be at centre court. I'll be watching the Taekwondo though. Its gonna be pretty nuts during the Olympics methinks.

  4. I'm just downloading the rest of the Shame soundtrack now - I'm excited to listen to it in it's entirety!

    I must be in the minority that thought that Fincher's Dragon Tattoo was better than the Swedish version and the book. Even I admit that's weird, but it must be the Fincher touch.

  5. Wow. I downloaded tracks titled 'Brandon' and 'Unrivalled' and, though different, they have similar traits and id be worried the entire album would sound similar.

    I prefer Finchers version - but obviously Fincher had much more money to play with!

  6. Thanks for checking out The Hollywood Gauntlet and for spreading the word here. So much to read and get lost in at Screen Insight. Great job on this site.

    John Jansen

  7. Thanks John! Well, feel free to get lost in the site and comment accordingly. Still waiting on the next Gauntlet...


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