Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 14/03/2010

The release of Green Zone and Shutter Island gives Simon and Jo a chance to discuss Scorsese and Greengrass. Simon speaks to 'Mad Hatter' from the Matinee Podcast and Dark of the Matinee blog, while Jo will reveal to Simon what films he shall watch due to the losing of the Oscar bet...

Blogs mentioned:
The titles on films on Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind
'The Runaways' review on Toronto Screen Shots

And of course, Mad Hatters The Dark of the Matinee blog has a great free podcast to boot too!

Music is from Shutter Island and Green Zone


  1. All loaded up on the iPod and ready for the Monday morning commute. Well done lads - that was fast work!

  2. yo guys - enjoyed this show with its exchange student feel. Really liked the input of 'The Mad Hatter' though i'd be interested in a bit more background info on what you are up to -what is the focus of your blog/podcasts?

    Commiseration must go to Simon for coming in a 'healthy' second in the brain baffler - it has not gone un-noted that this feature appears to be held back until you'd had chance to watch Fargo. This has not spared you the shame young man.

    i'd be interested to hear any thoughts on the 'Bourne Brain Baffler' - is it something that is worth doing again?

    keep up the good work

  3. @ Simon & Jo... Not to be presumptuous, but is Bourne's question ("focus") for you or me?

  4. Well, Richard... I'd like to think that considering your input and long-time listening of the show you would have some inkling as what our focus is ...

    oh ... wait a sec ...

    Well, Mad Hatters blog and podcast can be accessed via his name above. Then again, i've just noticed that the other blogs we mention have a link in the description above, while Hatters does not. I'll change that now [by the time you read this, it'll be done...]

    Oh yes, I have seen Fargo now. How convenient. Believe me, Blue Velvet will be watched very soon to cover my shame.

    I liked the Baffler, and i already have the quiz-music for the next one, instead of Hot Chip, it'll be 'Machine Gun' by The Commodores.

  5. I'd love to do another Bourne Brain Baffler, we should attach some kind of forfeit for the loser (or prize for the winner) much like our Oscar competition.

    Great contribution from Mad Hatter on Green Zone, look forward to hearing how Simon fares on the matinee podcast.

  6. Even though I considered Shutter Island to be a good film, I couldn't help but compare it to A Beautiful Mind. The similarities were just too obvious.


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