Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Simon and Jo: Revealing More

So, over the weekend - as stated previously - we shot a few viral videos on a range of subjects and now I have been able to put them in a side bar at the side. Nevertheless, the latest videos are embedded here. Hopefully it should garner 'The Simon and Jo Film Show' some attention and gain a few more listeners from across the globe. So, make sure you tell your friends about it! And then review it on itunes! And then write a letter to NBC, BBC and ABC telling them that they need to hire us. Full time. $100k per annum. For both of us. Easy.

I hope you enjoy this treat!

I even managed to place the MP4 onto the 'Movies' section of my ipod too and then watch them there aswell. Maybe the more mobile folks out there would rather do that ... who knows.


  1. Simon, having in mind your dashing looks, you should do more YouTube video talks than podcasts :)

  2. Not sure where to put this, but I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten 8/10 on the Bourne Baffler the other day (can't remember all of the questions exactly at this moment). A fun detour - you should do them more every now and then.

  3. @DEZ - Muchos thanks for that, Jo and I are considering doing more but I don't know... It doesn't take long to film one, quick edit, and whack online. But will it really get anymore hits the more we do? I have no idea. DEZ? Do you listen to the podcasts?

    @Fletch - Well done on the Bourne baffler! there are talks of others in the pipeline. An idea is to have questions from listeners which we answer. We will be fair, racording our actual responses and only answering the questions when we first see them. Cynics may think we cheat, but alas, we would not do such a thing!

    Just an idea.

  4. Well, Simon, I must admit I prefer videos to podcasts since they are easier to use and plus usually last shorter, and are more entertaining.
    Many bloggers publish their podcasts, but you have to bear in mind that most of the readers and followers don't have enough time to listen to long talks and chats.


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