Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Simon and Jo's Favourite Films...

So, in the hope that we keep 'The Simon and Jo Film Show' fresh and new, we have two more videos to 'release' onto the unsuspecting public.

Both videos reveal Simon and Jo's favourite films respectively.

First up, Simon's pick: Jurassic Park -

Now Jo, with his favourite: Jerry Maguire -

Obviously, tell everyone about the show if you like it and - over time - we shall add a little video here and there as they don't take too long to upload and what not - considering we meet up to record everything on Sunday, it only takes a tiny bit of planning to whack out the video camera.

Nevertheless, there are loads of links on the right-side bar including the links to follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook ... I mean, most bloody social networking sites I have tried to squeeze us into.

Remember, we are now on Podomatic, so come Sunday, if you are missing the latest episode, thats one possible reason why. You may need to resubscribe!


  1. JURASSIC PARK is your favourite movie? Who would have guessed :)

  2. Why? I love JURASSIC PARK too. It was Spielberg at his best and talking about that last scenes with the pair of Velociraptors and the kids in the kitchen. Excellent!!

  3. I read an interesting article saying how spielberg clearly had his eyes ons chindlers because some set-ups were just lazy - specifying when the car approaches the brachiosaur - why didn't they see the dinosaur coming? it was an open field! that lack of foresight on spielbergs behalf was, apparently, lazy.

  4. I think that, per your talking about The Road, you ought to have referred to Jonathan Lipnicki as a "smoll boy." Cracked me up every time.

    I greatly enjoy each of your favorites, but not nearly enough to crack any "top" lists of mine, save for perhaps the years in which they were released.

    And see Shine! It's a very good film, and Geoffrey Rush absolutely deserved the Oscar.Noah Taylor was quite good as well.

  5. @DEZMOND and Jaccstev - I make no apologies. incredible film.

    @Fletch - I have two 'lists' - one for personal favourites: Jurassic Park... and another one, 'professional favourites' which has Godfather, etc. There are cross overs - Goodfellas ... but JP tops the personal. always.


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