Sunday, 7 March 2010

Simon and Jo: Revealed

Having just recorded our 22nd podcast, Jo and I decided it was time to spice things up. We still have an exciting quiz to put out hosted by none-other than our regular guest reviewer Richard so that will come in due course along with a few of the following videos.

This is the first and, in the hope to branch out and try new things, Jo and I decided to put together a test video-blog. We are not 100% where we will go with this so to begin, here is an alterternate 'start' to the latest Podcast, whereby you can actually see Jo and I.


  1. Tell me you're going to use this for an audition for that show I sent you. You must!

    You guys seemed a wee bit nervous, but the usual exuberance and spirit of your podcast was there. Great to see you two in action!

  2. And I can confirm that Simon is NOT standing on a box. He really is that tall. Or I'm that short...

  3. Well done gents - a tad hard to hear but I love the look of it. Can't wait to see more in this series...

    ...and look at that, there's another one already!

  4. @Fletch - bad news, we did put it together for that application. Funnily enough, we were told of the same thing from another friend and applied twice and got a audition ... and failed. Jo and I thought it went pretty well, but we saw some pretty boys before we went in and thought, well, if they want pretty boys ... were fucked. The lads after us were younger fellas too. I now await with baited breath as to who they chose ...

    @Jo - You're not short, you're vertically challenged.

    @Hatter - We recorded a few which shall go up over time, but it seems we are not as interesting visually. But God, do we try. A full 22 views of one video. Incredible.

  5. Persistence and patience, Simon. Your effort to grow your show is showing, and I think more and more people are noticing.


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