Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show:25/07/2010

Considering how Simon is in immense pain due to an unforeseen tooth ache (root canal and crown due on Monday...), it is lucky this podcast made it out! We record in the safety of Jo's pad in Stockwell as Simon manages to discuss the plus points of Pixars latest Toy Story 3, whilst we then move onto the London box-office, the new releases and then - to finish - the 1984 classic Repo Man.


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We briefly mentioned Mad Hatters Matineecast and He Shot Cyrus, whilst also completely supporting the latest Slash Filmcast featuring a reviewer, Armond White, who hated Inception.


All music is from the soundtrack to Toy Story 3. 
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  1. I also listened to the /Filmcast with Armond White, but I'd have to disagree about him having a strong argument. His reasoning for me seemed riddled with contrdiction and a sort of dismissive self importance. Whenever he mentioned something it was as if what he said was an objective fact, whereas any other comments he dismissed as subjective naivity. His reluctance to allow anyone else any credibility completely diminished his stance for me; you cannot formulate an argument by insisting your points then snootily dismissing anything in opposition.

  2. It is interesting whatever the case - and you're right in stating that whenever he simply sai d'no' in response to (generally Adams) questions it was a little, frustrating.

    In any case, I did feel that as a critic of 'Inception', (Nb- I haven't listened to After Dark yet...) you have to rate it against other interpretations and - going further - about what it brought to the table that is new. He mentioned DW Griffiths 'Intolerance' utilising varied plot structures and how they affect each other (Nb, haven't seen intolerance!) - how many people who watched 'Inception' have watched 'Intolerance'? and who would compare it to that at any rate? - and then knock Nolan not being 'unique'??? Its such a screwed-up perspective - but I respect him for it.

    Fact is, I loved 'Inception' and I can't change that - I have to be able to justify it though. Such an interesting interview at any rate - and considering how much they all ganged up on that fella the other week with the race-bending argument, its interesting to see how they all held back because he sounded like the type of guy who would just hang up if it got petty! ha ha


  3. Yeah I fully respect their journalistic maturity for having him on there and I do agree with you respecting him having and sticking to his opinion I just sort of felt like he was being antagonistic for the sake of it, but maybe not. I have since listened to After Dark and he sounds even worse "nobody under 30 should be able to make or critique films". Never hear anything quite so regressively conservative and small minded.

    I have seen Intolerance (Film Studies year one) and again, maybe it is my personal prejudice against the man but I think he only did that to feel culturally superior mentioning a film that many of the listeners, as well as the hosts may not have seen. It is an epic film and does utilise multiple time periods but in no where near a relatable way to how Nolan has.

    anyways well done to you guys for putting the plug in, hopefully it made more people check it out as it is a very important discussion as part of the discourse of film criticism.

  4. "nobody under 30 should be able to make or critique films" - what a wanker he is. shame.

    I think you ae right - in how alot of this is about him making himself superior to he others, but its simply funny to hear that flipside of the common consensus.

    I had a few conversations about it withother others and, though interesting, the guy ultimatly is a bit of a plonker. Theres always one. ha ha!


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