Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 04/07/2010

This week, we fail in comparison to the recent releases in the US - No Toy Story 3, no A-Team, no Karate Kid or Last Airbender. We have got Shrek 4... just, but alas, the Shrek franchise means nothing to us.

Instead, Jo managed to watch the recent release from France: Heartbreaker - aka, L'amacoeur - directed by Pascal Chaumeil and starring Johnny Depp's missus Vanessa Paradis and Romain Duris as the heartbreaker.

We then discuss the London Box-Office and the new releases before moving onto the final 'chunk' whereby Jo has finally managed to watch Michael Winterbottoms 'The Killer Inside Me' and Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' while Simon and Sarah have watched George Miller's 'Mad Max'.


Let Me In - the american remake of Let the Right One In, The Social Network - Fincher and Justin Timberlake... and finally Paranormal Activity 2.


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All the music is from the soundtrack to 'Heartbreaker' by Klaus Badelt, available from amazon ... in France.

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  1. I just got finished watching Mad Max this morning (for the first time) and wanted to report back to you, Simon.

    I was expecting to feel the same way about it as you, as cheesiness from "the classics" gets to me more than most...but, I think you were actually a bit harsh. Perhaps you had me prepared for the worst. Turns out, the scene you chose to include in the podcast was cherry-picked - it's far and away the cheesiest of the whole movie, and it doesn't exactly last that long.

    I wouldn't say I loved it or anything, but I liked it and am curious to see The Road Warrior now (though I think I'll skip out on Thunderdome). Isn't that one supposed to be better anyhow?

  2. @Fletch It sure was cherry-picked! fact is, there are some fundamental issues with the film and I don't think it was anywhere near as good as I expected. Like I said on the podcast, I reckon 'at the time' it was new and fresh but, c'mon, its not great now... hardly a 'classic'. And all the gay stuff is a bit weird. I think it will be interesting for you to report back on the sequels because I will have to be pretty hard-pressed to watch them myself ... maybe that will change if the 'mad max' argument comes up too much!


    PS - I just relistened to our Gainsbourg episode and we, kinda, have a laugh at your expense ... worried you'll be offended so, in preparation, no offence was intended whatsoever!


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