Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 11/07/2010

This week, for our 40th show, we 'rip-apart' the Jurassic Park trilogy. It is Simon's birthday, hence he reviews his all-time favourite film and so, it is time for a celebration!

We then cover some feedback sent in - via - and the London Box Office, the new releases and more news.

To finish, finally Simon watched My Blueberry Nights and In the Mood for Love and discusses the two films in the third part.


Rachel from Rachel's Reel Reviews e-mailed in to tell us her opinions on our coverage of Mad Max, whilst Shannon the 'Movie Moxie' wished Simon a happy birthday and has her list of favourite films of 2010, which you can check out on her blog, titled 'Looking Back, Looking Forward'... !


All the music is, pretty much, from the soundtrack to Jurassic Park and composed by John Williams - though we did use excerpts from The Lost World soundtrack and My Blueberry Nights soundtrack.


Available on YouTube, the trailers we discuss are Chain Letter, Piranha 3-D and Little Fockers
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  1. I continue to be impressed by your passion for JP, Simon. I like the flick, but I've never understood how it could be quite so loved. And I've still not seen all of either sequel. It's never sounded as though I was missing much...

  2. yeah - the two sequels are not great. but the orginal, seriously, watch it again, it still stands up and as good as it ever was. Flawless.


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