Monday, 5 July 2010

Favourite Film Faces #4: Mel Gibson as Mad Max

If you have listened to the most recent podcast, you will know that Sarah and I were both unimpressed with our first viewing of George Millers 'Mad Max'. The sequence we play a clip of is the montage of Max, his wife and child playing around after Max has just quit the police. He is happy - happy enough to play Tarzan.

I think he is a plonker. Hence this weeks favourite film face - Gibson as a plonker.

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  1. It appears Mel Gibson is something a good deal worse than a plonker. A prescient post? Should we start boycotting his films? Are none of them as good as we've been led to believe?

    That movie face looks perfect for punching. Right in the kisser.

  2. I love the word plonker. And wanker. America really needs to get on the ball and start using them more.

    I've not yet seen Mad Max and was shocked when I heard the clip. I think I might be more intrigued than ever to see it now, though.


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