Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Across The Blogosphere...

First off, credit where credit is due - primarily to His Majesty himself - Fletch from Blog Cabins who helped me to cover all the blogs I love to read. I am on blogger and have always used the Blogger Dashboard and, obviously, that is exclusively covering blogger blogs - all the Wordpress blogs are a distant few clicks away. Thus, personal favourites such as Cut The Crap Movie Reviews and The List only get sporadic attention when I remember to check.

Nevertheless, Google Reader is 'my friend' as Fletch told me and I have now consolidated all my blogs into that list. It still might be a while before I have all the external blogger blogs covered, but so far, I am a happy chappy.

Links to check out then!

First up, the Kid in the Front Row has watched something at the Hackney Empire - a theatre only a stones throw from the school I teach in. He watched 'Staff Benda Bilili', having seen a documentary about them. He mentions how the audience was primarily white and middle-class - which jarred a little with the artists performing. I must say, when I saw the last Pantomime at the same venue in Hackney, I had a similar feeling - and it was made double-strange because the area itself is hugely multi-cultural with a huge afro-carribean community... the Hackney Community seem to be the last people to go to the Hackney Empire.

At least a year ago, the Alfred Hitchcock Geek explained the numerous parrallels art has with Hitchcock movies. Specifically noting how Edward Hopper influenced his city-scapes - this latest post on how Cezanne influenced 'The Wrong Man' merely adds to the incredible depth of Hitchcock movies.

Finally, for the football - or 'soccer' - folk amongst you, Co-presenter of 'The Simon and Jo Film Show', Jo, and presenter of 'Bournes Brain Baffler', Richard have started a 'Football Blog' called 'The Beautiful Game'. Its new and growing and is currently in the process of an overview of the World Cup. They really appreicate feedback, so football folk amongst you, get stuck in!
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  3. yeah! GoogleReader is a godsend Fletch!


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