Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Across The Blogosphere...

First off, problems with comments! Loads of people are getting annoyed with it, including myself, and are even completing posts about it - including Andrew from Encore. So, I guess its a good thing that I can link to the posts that I commented on ... but found the comment deleted shortly afterwards and i wasn't going to type it again now was I?

Mad Hatter completed a great post about the rubbish movies currently at the cinema or, more importantly, if  in time - they will become better. he notes The Hurt Locker and Sunshine as incredible movies that didn't reach their full potential during their summer release. Some great comments from others following the post too!

This is also the subject of the latest LAMBcast which, I must add, gets better every listen!

Mike at 'Are You Talkin' To Me' discusses Twilight and, more importantly, the many homosexual-links within the film... Maybe we should all be 'Team Bella' and simply hope that the two can get together - leaving Bella with her indpendence.

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. The upside to the comment problem yesterday was that I had more time to read posts because I wasn't responding to comments.

  2. No problem Hatter and Lippert! Great posts!

  3. Many thanks for the vote of confidence, Simon. :D


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