Saturday, 1 January 2011

Simon and Jo Film Show 01/01/2011: Tron: Legacy and THE Top 10 Films of 2010!

Back into the 'dream location' that is the Ritzy in Brixton, the main review is Tron and Jo and I have managed to watch Tron prior to watching Tron: Legacy. This gives us ample opportunity to discuss both films in relation to each other ...

We also manage to cover a bunch of news articles from the last two weeks whilst changing our Top London Box-Office to the Worldwide Box-Office of 2010.

Then, to finish, we reveal our favourite films of 2010. Just like last year, these are revealed to each other at the same time as revealing the information to you dear listener.


Facebook-er of the week is Mark Harrison, whilst we urge you to follow - on twitter - KaffLaws.

Blog of the week is Jess at Insight into Entertainment whereby she has a great game called 'Movie Mash-Up' so check it out and enjoy the fun and games. Click on the links to go directly to the website!



All music between the breaks is from the incredible soundtrack to Tron: Legacy by Daft Punk, whilst during the Top 10 Films of 2010 the songs are the sounds from each film - except in the odd case where something wasn't available I got music from the trailer.

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  1. Thanks Simon!! Thanks Jo!!! I love the new graphic for the show. Very solid.

  2. I saw Tron today- does it make much difference that I didn't see the first one?
    The special effects were great, action was amazing and the soundtrack was mindblowing.

  3. @Jess - no problemo! Thanks for the shout-out on your show too! Some interesting choices in your Top 5 films ... Harry Potter from BOTH of you? Wow... maybe I overlooked it ...

    @Ren - It doesn't make a difference at all whether you have seen the first one if I'm honest - Jo and I are just completists it seems. SFX, action and soundtrack were great ... funny you didn't mention the [not-so-good] script.


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