Tuesday, 31 May 2011

'Screen Insight' Statistics (May)

First, it is worth noting that this past month has seen a substantial drop in blog posts. I have published 17 new posts in May opposed to  a much more respectable 26 in April. Inevitably, this has factored in the visits tot he site as I have lost visitors in the past month. Last month I had a little over 700 and now it has dropped to only 678 visits. I've been exceptionally busy marking GCSE Art Coursework and Exam work whilst, the planning for a stag-do has taken up much of my spare time. Add to this the new Nephew that has been added to my family (requiring a visit to see family) and a gathering in Southhampton and we find that very little time can go towards blogging - and very little time towards film-watching...

Having said this, the average time on the site has risen to 1-minute 33-seconds, which is good to see. At the same time, the bounce-rate has decreased to 67%, again - a promising sign. The shortness of the A-Z posts do not require a long amount of time to read - and these were released alot this month because I had little time to type up huge essays and big Top 5 posts. I know already that June will have some big changes in blog posts and podcasts accessible on - and through - this blog ...

Top 10 Blog Posts
9. Across the Blogosphere... 02/05/2011 (NE)

It is interesting to note how the Top 5 posts seem to gain the most attention, whilst, the A-Z posts do not feature as specific pages people are visiting. I assume, if they are read, the are read on the main blog. It is a weak month overall - but I know that I only have myself to blame with the minimal posts published. I have a bunch of A-Z posts ready to release soon but some analysis of Classic Cinema need to be put together and, believe me, they will be released in due course ...   
Large Association of Movie Blogs

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