Saturday, 7 May 2011

A-Z #76: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You can pick up hundreds of DVDs for a round-pound each - it doesn't matter. It's never about quantity, it's about quality. A-Z is my way of going through my collection, from A-Z, and understanding why I own the films ... or you can tell me why I should sell 'em

#76 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

Why did I buy it?

I remember when this film came out there was a bit of a buzz. Elijah Wood was not playing Frodo, Kirsten Dunst was not Mary Jane... Jim Carrey being taken seriously [again after The Truman Show] and the whole Michel-Gondry-Charlie-Kaufman combo. What would this be like? I think this was, ultimately, the peak of the Kaufman's Surrealist-Film Movement - following Being John Malkovich and Adaptation but preceding Synecdoche, New York. The difference being that, rather than an introspective analysis of the psyche and the process of creativity, this was [almost too much of] a twee Romance. With a capital R. About a break-up.

Why do I still own it?

Because it truly is flawless. Literally nothing is out of place. The idea of erasing-your-memory can very easily be associated with Arnie in Total Recall, but this is no-Total-Recall, this is a Romance. The break down of a relationship is tough for anyone and this film shows that, though sometimes the break-up is inevitable, the memories of the good times will always remain. The fact that this film appeared in many Top Film lists of the decade is not without reason - it has a concept that, if shot badly, would fall flat on its face, but as it stands, it is profound and personal. Relatable. Unforgettable. One of a handful of films I would never want to lose.

Having said that, I showed this to my Mum and Dad and they both thought the film was crap.
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  1. Weird! My parents thought it was crap as well. Clearly they don't know what they're talking about

  2. My Mom quite liked it, my Dad still hasn't seen it thought.

    Perfect film. I saw it once in a Walmart $5 bin and bought it instantly.

  3. @Tom - Bloody parents. The amount of films they simple 'do not believe' are any good is incredible. I think it is rooted in 'as long as it fulfills two-hours then im happy' and anything more challenging is 'too pretentious'

    @Fitz - I managed to hunt down a sweet edition with the screenplay included. Also, I can imagine it would be great on blurray.

  4. Well said, all. This is one of my top 3, and sometimes number 1, depending on the day. Bonus: it's been a few years, so I'm due for a rewatch soon.

    Unbelievable how many people have not seen it for how good it is.

  5. @fletch - i haven't seen it for a while either actually, but im sure a moment will come. It would be interesting to define the TYPE of people who like this film - and what does it say about us ...


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