Monday, 4 July 2011

The Film Locker #5: Stanley Kubrick and 'The Shining'

Lets go Old-Skool. This is a guy who, although his catalogue goes back to the sixties - and through to 1999 - he only has a few films to his name. Fact of the matter is that these films are incredibly important. It is, no other than Stanley Kubrick.

We chose The Shining as the focus point as it represents the artistic, photography-based style combined with being a film that is incredibly entertaining and exciting.

Hatter has been a self-confessed Kubrick fan whereas I, though a fan, I am missing some big-guns from the Kubrick-Canon (or Kanon I should say) - namely Barry Lyndon, The Killing and Paths of Glory. But, no worries, that is why Hatter helps in conversation to explain how important these films are.

The competition can always be joined in on - and remember that the first one to answers gets a huge leap ahead from others because of the 4-points per question points-system - and if you were to get the questions all correct... well, you would be way ahead of the game. Not to mention how many weeks we have left! It can be anyones game at the moment!

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  1. Great podcast guys.

    Very hard questions. Hopefully my answers were correct.

  2. Hey Simon it's taken me ages to get round to putting this up; had soooo much on recently. Been loving the posdcasts so far. You've had a filmmaker that I am very familiar with and that I love (Scorcese) one that I am not so familiar with and would like to be (Cronenberg), one that I'm not so familiar with and HATE (Allen) and now one that I was not so familiar with until last month. Kubrick had alsways eluded me, but a website I occasionally write for ran a whole cross blog retrospective on him and I wrote the A Clcokwork Orange piece. If you wanna check it out it's here
    I also attended a day event at the University of Leeds, where the speaker was Patrick Webster, author of Love and Death in Kubrick: A Critical Study of the Films from 'Lolita' Through 'Eyes Wide Shut'.
    So then with this coming round too, it's been a delightful Kubrick period.
    Keep up the good work guys, I think it's an amazing concept and you're executing it terrifically.

  3. @Duke - we do indeed have your answers! Thanks for taking part!

    @Mike - glad you're listening! Hope fully it does lead to watching some films by filmmakers you're not so familiar with. The fact that you hate Allen saddens me... I think I only have a vague understanding of Kubrick. And I need to watch A CLOCKWORK ORANGE again to truly 'get it'.


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