Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'Screen Insight' Statistics (June)

Though a little bit late, I will still endevaour to involve you on the statistics. The last month, again, has been incredibly busy. Now I have my Classic Columb at Man I Love Films and The Film Locker podcast continuing throughout the month, I have been struggling to update with deep and meaningful posts. Despite the Top 5 Posts remaining the most popular, they also take a while to put together so I have not written any during June. Though I have released 20 posts this month - a little better than the 17 the month prior. The whole point of these statistics should be ensuring that I look at the stats and use the data to inform what posts to release - but alas, though I have learnt that Top 5's are great at driving traffic ... I am stupid enough not to write them. Anyway, lets reflect on June because, I'd like to think, with holidays coming up soon, I can really invest in my posts soon that will utilise what I have learnt with these statistics.

The visits has risen a teeny-weeny bit to 760 visits, but the bounce rate has risen to 72%. I think I need to aim for a 50% bounce rate - so that I know at least half the visitors are actually reading my site, because so far roughly 70% are gone pretty quick. I have often used Google Reader to check out sites and I have no idea whether they are counted - I shall look into something to count who is reading my RSS feed because, although I know the subscribers, I don't know how often they are actually reading...

Finally, the average time on the site is rising by a couple of seconds - now 1-minute 38. It needs to be more! I have purchased a bunch of soundtracks so I think, if I write a few more of those posts, that may assist. I really enjoy the Incredible Soundtrack series because, as I listen to them, its nice to put mt feelings towards the soundtracks into a post.

Top 10 Blog Posts

I am beginning to lose track on this if I am honest. First off, when I work this Top 10 out, I have to take out two 'pages' - namely, the main page which you fall upon as soon as you type the URL in - because it always comes out on top, and secondly, a search function which often comes in at about 3 or 4 every month. Its also a month-by-month account, so not hits 'of all time' - or more importantly, since the site changed URL in March. But, I tried to find the Top 5 Best Picture winners to see how much it climbed and I couldn't find it - it couldn't have gone from nothing to something substantial in such a short time - could it? On the plus side, the James Bond analysis I have completed are clearly getting their hits - the From Russia with Love post was only released a week ago so its good to see it gaining hits.

  Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Keep up the good work Simon ... I'm steadily gaining readers as well.

    Love the podcast.

  2. I too am a bit confused by RSS reads and whether they count and whatnot. Who knows. All in all, good news on the stat front despite your workload - that ain't bad!


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