Monday, 2 August 2010

The Happy 101 Award Marches On...

The GreatWhiteDope chose moi - and another 9 winners - to continue an 'award'-thing-like post Called the Happy 101 Award, it is all about sharing the things that bring you joy. So, having been given this award - thankyou verymuch - I need to continue the joy and, as I sit in this internet cafe [grrrr] it seemed a great way to get another post up...

So ... 10 things that is ...


1) Jurassic Park and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie - if only because they bring me back to my childhood and the many, many weekends these were watched.

2) Listening to a song that gives you goosebumps - for example, an 11-minute track by Underworld that pays off nearly 6 minutes into the song... (8 Ball...)

3) Hearing kids in my class discuss art randomly in conversation - whether it be why Van Goghs work is so expensive or how they can see they have improved since they've been in my class.

4) Seeing U2 live - in fact, seeing any band I obsess about live: Radiohead, Coldplay...

5) Watching Michael Jackson perform - simply flawless. How can a human move in such a way??? How can someone have such a voice!

6) The Great White Dope said this, but I agree, with the joy found when finding those online folk who have the same obsessive interest about cinema as I.

7) Laughing so hard you are in tears - namely in one instance when a close friend and I were quoting 'The Office' and simply couldn't stop and, more recently, when David Cross performed for twenty minutes and nearly killed me... "fool me seven times - what am I? idiot of the month?"

8) A certain buzz that happens when I am walking home from work [on a good day...] and I think "Man, I'm an Art teacher, how fantastic is that??". Teachers out there - we are a part of such a great profession! A certain pride is never a bad thing.

9) Getting some positive feedback on the podcast - and realising that not everyone is sick of us ... yet ...

10) Reading some incredible news about a sequel to a film I adored. (Batman 3... Jurassic Park 4... )

Remember, you ten; in accepting this award you must all follow the rules of Sweet 101 in order to place this proudly on your site. Those two special things I did:



I choose:

1) Kai at The List
2) Travis at The Movie Encyclopedia
3) Nick at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob
4) Scott at He Shot Cyrus (forcing him to write a post on his very-quiet-blog-but-very-busy-podcast...)
5) Richard and Jo at The Beautiful Game?
6) Rachel at Rachels Reel Reviews
7) Mike at You Talkin' To Me?
8) Vancetastic at The Audient
9) Fitz and Ben at Nevermind Pop Culture
10) Mad Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Oh dear, I'll need to do this on a special day when I can actually think of 10.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that I need to listen to more Underworld. I've always dug the songs that Boyle puts on his soundtracks, but never really dug deeper, which is weird, because they're totally my style. Need to remedy that.

  3. Done and done... thanks for thinking of me. Also, I just listened to the last episode of the S&J show. Good stuff... I will keep an eye out for Gainesburgh (or whatever it was called... ha) and I definately need to see Double Indemnity!

  4. @Mike - I rarely do these things myself but thought, whatever, its all fun and games 'innit.

    @Fletch - You were going to be in my 10, but I knew someone else would choose you and, alas, Kai did so! You are right about Underworld - i have four of their albums and they really are fantastic! Additionally, Massive Attack, Leftfield, UNKLE...

    @Kai - Glad you liked the latest show, its always strange when we do the more obscure ones but, mroe often then not, they pay off. Again, this week Gainsbourg is in the top 5 London box-office... Simon and Jo, always ahead of the game!

  5. TMNT kicks ass, good sir, and thank you for acknowledging it.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out guys, really appreciate it.


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