Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 22/08/2010

This week, following a chance encounter with an Oscar-winning director, Simon and Jo tackle the big-budget mega-mainsteam The Expendables and the Best Foreign Picture winnier The Secret in their Eyes.

A slight shuffle to the usual podcast to keep it fresh and exciting as we move into the news, the feedback and shoutouts and then the Top London Box-Office. Simon and Jo both choose their recommended new releases and recommendation trailers - namely Love and Other Drugs and Black Swan.

We finish by continuing with Billy Wilder Odyssey by watching Sunset Boulevard and the best Picture Odyssey by harking back to 1982 with Richard Attenboroughs Gandhi.

All music is from The Expendables, available through itunes, whilst the final track is, obviously, Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back.

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  1. Hey Simon! Podcast is sounding great, dude. Our little chat about arranging DVDs is up on our site now if you're still interested.


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