Friday, 6 August 2010

Across the Blogosphere...

This week has been mental. First off, the ongoing internet crisis continues... I swear, it is such a simple thing why can't TalkTalk and Virgin Media (How can Branson be so smug when he can't even connect the internet!) just sort their shit out. I have had no internet at home for the last two months - and will continue for another two weeks, until TalkTalk send their engineer around... apparently (they have made this promise many times before...). Virgin Media on the other hand simply told us no-can-do... something about the street outside our flat, despite their website claiming we can get 'fibre-optic' connection. Ridiculous. Apparently a dongle is the key.

Secondly, I was in beautiful Bath for the last two days.

Righto - while I get the chance (I spend more time reading blgos then writing them... I guess that is the correct balance.) as I sit in internet cafe...

Mad Hatter finally watches Brief Encounter, he claims few people have seen it - I beg to differ - but it started a suprisingly interesting debate about the film between him and his wife. It truly is an incredible film.

That Happy 101 Award got picked up by a few folk - Travis at Movie Encyclopedia and Kai at The List - who wrote ten things that bring them joy.

Though I have mentioned The Kid at the Front Row (too) many times before, he watched Jurassic Park and Jaws at The Prince Charles Cinema. Jo and I were tempted to go ourselves - but we had both only seen the film in the previous month, and covered it in the Jurassic Park podcast special. Its great taht Kid reveals how great he feels Jurassic Park really is ...

That reminds me, I have to get a London Blogger Film Gathering organised ...

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Everytime I hear of Bath I think of jane Austen. Damn you English Lit.

    (Internet problems suck.)

  2. To be clear - I believe that precious few people who read my blog have seen it.

    Reading and listening to a lot of those in our ever-expanding community, I'm beginning to detect a rather large blind-spot for classic film...and believe this is one that falls into that blind-spot.

  3. I have to buy a dongle for my Blu-Ray. That word is hilarious!

  4. @Andrew - there are LOADS of Jane Austen things there - not that I have read a single book ... or even seen anything jane-austen related. There is even a Jane Austen Museum!

    @ Mad Hatter - I have just listened to your latest podcast (all working now! I have the last three to catch up on!) and I think, like you, those big lists of greatest films ever always force me to hunt some out that I haven't seen! Classic film is something that those lists often lead you into! I think Brief Encounter and Third Man both fall into GREATEST (british) MOVIE lists.

    @ dongle. bloody dongle. i have decided to internet-cafe it until 19th august ... the due date for internet connection at home to be established.


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