Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 15/08/2010 (The Last Airbender/Knight and Day)

This week on The Simon and Jo Film Show we have a special guest... It's Rhys Bendix Lewis! He's seen M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender and so has Simon which leads to a jolly interesting discussion on what many are calling an horrendous film. Knight & Day has been getting pretty poor reviews as well but that didn't stop Simon & Jo checking out the all star pairing of Cruise & Diaz. Tune in to find out if Jo's peculiar Tom-Love takes a battering or if he is blinded by that smile. There are also reflections on a couple of people films, which is not as odd as it sounds.

There's the usual banter on the London Box Office, the UKs latest releases and a bit of movie news, including Brigitte Bardot coming out fighting as the Americans try to make her biopic with Jaime King.

Massive shoutout to Cinema Obsessed, a podcast and blog from two women obsessed about cinema.

The music this week comes from the soundtracks to The Last Airbender and Knight & Day.

Finally in trailer talk there's Independence Day x 100 in Skyline, Gasper Noe is a controversial artist with Enter the Void and it's Katie Holmes v Anna Paquin in The Romantics.

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