Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Inception Back Lash

On the most recent podcast, Jo mentioned that Alistair leads the way in despising Inception. Well, its not exclusively our good friend Al. Popular website Ultra Cool created a post naming the '10 Things That Stop Inception From Being As Good As It Thinks'.

The link is as follows:


Suffice to say, I only recently read a small article in the London Evening Standard about how '1 in 5 theatre-goers' are watching Inception twice at the cinema to clarify what it is about.

Personally, I feel that Shutter Island is a better film and, potentially because of all the pubicity Inception got, I am getting a little bored by those warm-colours (golds, oranges and brown...) of that hotel interior that we are continually seeing. The argument goes that, on a second viewing, you will see the gaping holes in the story and problems in the film.

I have yet to see the film a second time, though have got every intention to see it a second time in the cinema...

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  1. I think the driving force behind the backlash is the need to drown out the roar of the fans. Seems like once or twice a year, a film like this will come out that people jump up and down about...and the only way some can think of to express that it wasn't "all that" is to tear it to shreds.

    For my money:

    Is it a good movie? Yes.
    One of the best of the year? Yes.
    Is it an absolute must-see? No.
    Are you a bad person if you don't like it? No.

  2. As Hatter suggests this type of backlash is present for almost any film that is liked by almost everyone. UP, TDK, and Toy Story 3 are some recent examples.

  3. REgression to the mean is only natural. I haven't seen it yet, truth be told, I've never met a Chris Nolan movie that hasn't infuriated me because of chatter.

    here's what happens -- all of you (yes YOU!) anticipators anticipated it for soooo long that when it came out, anything short of divine would make you feel jilted and foolish (same thing happened to me w/ Episode 1 way back in 99)

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  5. I think it has less to do with overhype and more to do with people going against the trend and raking the film over the coals.


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