Wednesday, 25 August 2010

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Hurrah! This morning, finally, the Wireless Router arrived - I can now post blog-posts at home. So, my first post using my home internet, is praising blog posts that I can now casually read. Because I want to write my own posts about films, I'll breeze through this like so:

First up, following a question to the Mad Hatter, The Film Cynics discussed on their podcast the organised life of a film fan. I'm sure we're not all like this - but I sure am. Alphabetised Collections, absolute joy as you mount up each pile according to their director, only to place them back into the shelves. For the record, if you organise by director, the directors are in alphabetical order and, within that directors films, it is organised chronoligically. I think that is what is so satisfying about organisation-by-director. Ironically, it was M. Night Shayamalan which promopted the entire sitituation and, as much as I support Steve's love for Unbreakable, as I have said many times, I personally heart The Village. I additionally own all of Shyamalan's films (The Happening on blu-ray!) and, I would never move Shyamalan amongst the Carnahans and Tony Scotts. Shaymalan would have an entire room - with James Newton-Howards awesome scores alongside each film - if I could do such a thing.

Having started my own overview of Spielberg, I have been interested in the coverage by Trevor Hogg at flickering myth. He has created a much better informed version of an overview of Spielbergs career. I think I might stall my own one for a few months (until I have watched Always for one) because I can now go back to some analysis of other films. To top it off, only a few days ago, the website posted the full 25-minute short of Spielberg's award-winning short - Amblin'. Any film fanatic must watch this!

Finally, a blog I have tried to follow for a long time is fandango - a fellow Brit-Blogger - who managed to watch Gainsbourg and review it.

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  1. Welcome back online amigo! You've been missed. Looking forward to digging into these links as I ease into the workday.


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