Sunday, 6 February 2011

TSAJFS: 06/02/2011 The Fighter/Exit Through The Gift Shop/I Am Love

Starting from the Clapham Picturehouse - with a noisy truck - this week, Jo and Simon have both watched David O. Russells Oscar-Nominated The Fighter starring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. this is followed by the usual news and film discussion.

The final two films discussed are the Oscar-Nominated documentary Exit Through The Giftshop and the critically-successful I Am Love starring Tilda Swinton.


Facebook-er of the week is Dan Gudgeon, Jo's Bruv, who is currently fighting the wars in Korea.

Twitter-er of the week is the Barbican Centre, whereby they discuss the cinema's that are opening in 2012.

Blog of the week is Reviews By Tom, by Tom Clift, a recent fan on facebook and a writer for Row Three. Not to mention his podcasting fun that he has been a part of with Nick Jobe and others.


All music is from The Fighter soundtrack - well, all the songs feature in The Fighter but not all of them are on the soundtrack. The song at the start is, whilst the song at the end is Ben Harper's

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  1. I am fan of Christian Bale.He was good in it.

  2. I also liked the movie....and I'm not a fan of boxing themed films.

  3. Veyr little boxing I think - much more about family, loyalty and what you sometimes need to give up to succeed.

  4. He was INCREIDBLE and should win Best Supporting Actor!

  5. Exit Through the Gift Shop, had I seen it earlier would have been featured on my top ten list of the year. I haven't had so much fun watching a documentary in years.

  6. It really is very good - but I think the 'message' about contemporary art is not as profound as, perhaps, the 'human' element in WASTELAND or, from what I hear from Jo, the severe ramifications explored in INSIDE JOB. Even the other nominees - GASLAND and RESTREPO have much more important stories and force you to reflect much more on what it is to be human - and what we should take responsibility for and act upon. EXIT THROUGH THE GIFTSHOP simply highlights something which, deep down, we all know: Contemporary art is first and foremost about the money - before creativity.


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