Sunday, 13 February 2011

TSAJFS: 13/02/2011 True Grit/Inside Job/Animal Kingdom

So, first off, we shall now attempt to - every week - take a picture from the location we record from. This week, we watched our films from Clapham Picturehouse and so, a picture of Jo and I pre-viewing is attached.

This week, our main review is True Grit - the Coen's taking on a true Western in all its 1800's glory. Then we have the usual news and meeting-of-people in 'the club' before we run through the London box-office and new releases.

We finish with some incrdible coverage of Oscar nominated documnetary Inside Job - a favourite to win - and the Australian gangster movie: Animal Kingdom.


Facebook-er of the week is my sis' Pauline for being the only person to comment on my 'whats-the-best-007-film' question. (Though, since then, Mark Harrison has commented...)

Twitter-er of the week is Emma Farley (she also has a blog - FINAL CUT) who singled Jo out on his anti-Kings-Speech stance. But alas, Jo stands far from her as he still is not convinced - seriously folks, try and convince him to see it. He won't listen to Emma Farley, Mad Hatter or I...

Finally, our blogger of the week is Jason Soto at Invasion of the B-Movies primarily due to his single facebook/twitter post about Justin Bieber - or, more importantly, his fiance Felicia - stating how we should ruin Justin Bieber fans movie-going experience


All music is from Carter Burwell's soundtrack to True Grit - though finishing with Air Supply's track, as used in Animal Kingdom.

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  1. I have to admit I'm a little bit relieved that I don't have to see Tron: Legacy anytime soon my God would you please go and see The King's Speech?! It's not just a period film. It's not just a film about the royal family. It's a fabulous film about an underdog who overcomes his own boundaries to become a great leader. And it's about friendship. The relationship between Bertie and Logue is truly captivating.

  2. You know how I feel, I completely agree with you Emma - but alas, it is not up to me. Jo is a stubborn fellow. I was nearly in tears at the end - and Colin Firth is flawless. You know I love it!


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