Tuesday, 2 August 2011

'Screen Insight' Statistics (July)

Inevitably, due to the Summer break, posts have gone up this past month. Sad to say that, due to many plans dotted throughout August, I doubt I will be able to keep it up. Those folks who manage 2 or 3 posts a day (I'm talking to you Hatter...) I have no idea how you do it. Then again, I know that most people finish at 5.30 and that I, generally, sure as hell do not. C'est la vie.

We are up to 24 posts in the month of July, up from 20 in June (and 17 in May). I intend to have posts running while I am away at different points during August so, it is possible I can keep up to at least 24. Time will tell.

The last month saw a high of 1,044 hits. This is a huge increase from the previous months 760, but it is a shame to notice that the amount of time spent on the site has dropped to a little shy above a minute at 1-minute 7-seconds (though it does say different stats on different pages on Google Analytics - I am just taking this as the most obvious as it appears on the first page.). I think back to Anomalous Materials great posts on using these figures and it does indeed worry me that the time is edging that much closer to the under-a-minute mark. Not good.
The bounce rate has remained quite steady, with a 76.15% bounce (4% rise from the 72% last month). Some posts - such as the 'Time for a Hangover' post - are clearly people dropping on it following some random entry on Google, but I am seeing a little more interest in the older posts so the scroll bars seem to be doing their job. The Classic Columb (at Man, I Love Films) does seem to be garnering a few more hits too - with those posts becoming a little bit more successful than others.

Top 10 Blog Posts

Interesting surge in popularity of the Kidulthood post and, with the hit of the X-Men:First Class soundtrack, I am keen to continue that series. Those Top 5's remain quite popular - with the Pixar one making a new entry nice and high. I have a few up my sleeve for the coming weeks so I fear that the whole Top 10 will be made up of Top 5's in due course... eek.
Large Association of Movie Blogs

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