Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Favourite Film Faces #7: Jon Hamm in Mad Men

In anticipation and excitement for Season 4 of Mad Men, starting tonight at 10pm, BBC4 we have Jon Hamm. Maybe more a TV face than a film face but, his ridiculous masculinity simply forces you to aspire, to some extent, to be a little like him. Maybe not so much cheating. And drinking. Hell, he has alot of flaws - but he still looks a little like Superman and as Mad Men is so good, much like Clark Kent is to Superman, you completely believe in the multiple-sides of Jon Hamm.

Also, the Film Cynics must watch the programme. Now.
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  1. Here in The New World, we're exactly halfway through season four. And while I dare not give away any details about what's in-store I will tell you that this season does not disappoint.


  2. Yep, what Hatter said. I feel this show gets better and better every week. And Hamm's the man. He manages to peel back even more layers of Don Draper this season. It's brilliant.

  3. This season is so damn good. It's a little darker than season 3's finale would lead you to believe this season would be, but it's great.

  4. Don't you dare give anything way. Witht he first episode down and Don becoming more 'risky' himself - "So, I walked into the office and told every one 'You're fired'...". So far, so good.

    Though not enough Joany.

  5. Prepare thyself my Brit friend - you are in for an amazing run of episodes! Last night was just the beginning.


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