Sunday, 26 September 2010

The One-Year Anniversary Simon and Jo Film Show!!!

One whole year ago, Jo and I tentatively recorded our first podcast discussing Sam Mendes and Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank.

This week, we celebrate our first Anniversary by recording live in Brighton, the seaside resort one-hour away from London, at The Bystander Cafe - reviewing The Town - Ben Afflecks follow-up film to Gone Baby Gone starring Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm. This is followed up by a review of Devil, the M, Night Shyamalan-produced Horror-Thriller ... many mock Shyamalan for The Last Airbender ... but should they mock him for Devil.

It includes the latest films news, the London Box-Office and then a finish as Jo reviews London to Brighton and Simon reveals his choice of films at the London Film Festival 2010.

Lots of fantastic friends get involved - Sarah has her opinion on The Town, we hear from the missing Bangor Rep and many, many others.

Sit down, relax, get a coffee and get ready for the 1-hour Simon and Jo Film Show!


So many people to thank - Mad Hatter from The Dark of the Matinee, Scott and Whitney from Frankly, My Dear, Mr Cabin from Blog Cabins.

We shouted out Sebastian over at Detailed Criticisms and Heather at Movie Mobsters too!


All Music is from the soundtrack for The Town available on itunes and


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  1. Rhys Bendix-Lewis28 September, 2010 21:39

    Happy Birthday guys! Congrats for making it to a year. It's cool the way your show has developed, and I wish you the best for the future.

    I really liked Devil. I've also watched The Hole which is worth checking out. In fact, The Hole has made me change my mind about 3D. I've always been skeptical about 3D, wanting it to fail, however to my surprise I think The Hole is a better film because of the 3D. I really like the way Joe Dante and his team used the effect.

    I think horror is the natural home of 3D as it is a genre in which the audience is keenly aware of filmmaking technique, thus 3D becomes a tool, not a distraction. For other genres, however, I remain skeptical, if a little more open minded on the subject. And I'm now looking forward to Scorsese's next film in 3D.

    Anyway, thanks again guys for the hours of listening entertainment you have provided. I look forward to many more.

  2. Yes yes, happy birthday to TSAJFS! Still can't believe that the show's not older - keep at it and you'll be on Canal+ or Channel 4 or whatever the big TV station is over there in no time (every Euro film production I see is produced in some form or another by one of those two stations or whatever they are).

    Simon, you've gone bonkers. Devil isn't bad - I enjoyed it enough for what it was - but you're hyping it waaaaay too much. Jo will be let down if and when he sees this (of course, we both know he won't). ;)

  3. Congrats on the one year anniversary guys!

    I think I'm the last person on the planet to see The Town, but I'm also the last person to see Gone Baby Gone too. No real reason, except I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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  5. Shock and horror!
    Simon DID persuade Jo to see Devil.
    Hear his uncensored opinion on this weeks Simon & Jo Film Show: One Year and One Week Anniversary Special.

  6. @Rhys - Thanks for the kind words Rhys! A fan - and guest - of the show since the beginning! Joe Dantes 'The Hole' though ... I don't know ... lets see if the credability builds or if I go through a Joe Dante season ... whichever comes first!

    @Rachel - I'm not a big fan of GOEN BABY GONE ... but I fear Jo would disagree. Fact of the matter is, in both cases, they are good enough films to pay for.

    @Fletch - Well I sent some emails out so... time will tell... as long as good-word-of-mouth continues, it should be the future! But regarding your second point about Devil ...

    @Jo - I'm trying to analyse your statement and see what it reveals:

    Shock and horror! (Does that mean you felt shocked and horrified and ultimately liked it?)
    Simon DID persuade Jo to see Devil. (yes... yes I did... is that a bad thing? I recommended SHUTTER ISLAND...)
    Hear his uncensored opinion on this weeks Simon & Jo Film Show: One Year and One Week Anniversary Special. (Uncensored? are you going to insult it with grotesque language? Oh god ...)

  7. Great tease! Can't believe you saw it, Jo - looking forward to the reaction. "How did you find it?"


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