Sunday, 12 September 2010

TSAJS: 12/09/2010 'Cyrus' and 'Bobby' and much more!

This week we have two films to get stuck into: Cyrus and Bobby. One a mumblecore, recent hit amongst Sundance and the indie crowds, whilst the other is a huge ensemble-cast tackling Bobby Kennedy, the assasinated brother of John F. Kennedy.

As usual, we discuss the Top London Box-Office and then, between us, we choose our new-release film of the week and trailers for Never Let Me Go and Saw 3D.


Because there is currently no soundtrack for Cyrus available, I have tried to hunt down a few of the songs from the film. Included is The Human League: 'Don't You Want Me Baby' and a few songs that I could find on clips and trailers for the film.


So many people mentioned in this weeks episode - Blog Cabins and its 30 Days of Crazy, and Mr Cabin assisted with Movie Moxie and Scott from Frankly, My Dear, with making me choose Cyrus to watch.

Finally, Mad Hatter, having been mentioned so many times - as our opposition - deserves a little link here too...


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  1. Hopefully, this is SAW's last stand.

  2. You sure got your money's worth from that Human League song, eh? Still not finished with this episode, but I think I've heard it 3 times so far. Hmmm..

    You can just call me Fletch or Dylan, though I admit it kinda cracks me up every time you call me "Mr. Cabin."

  3. @Fitz - It must be SAWs last stand - but what a finish. Are you a fan of the franchise?

    @Fletch - First off, YOU try and find the soundtrack to Cyrus - or even the soundtrack listing - and I'll personally have the music more diverse and edit again. I really did my best! It is only used 3 times - after that its different songs - I swear. In any case - its a bloody good song!

    I like referring to you as Mr Cabin too... Mr Cabin. The whole problem is the choice between calling you Dylan of Fletch... maybe we shall just refer to you as a different name every single time you write in!

  4. I was until either V, or VI, then it really went off the rails.

  5. Hold on a second, surely the Saw franchise goes thus:
    I- Fantastic the first time with ever decreasing returns
    II- Surprisingly good, especially Donnie Wahlberg
    III- Really bad
    IV- Good enough, incredible ending
    V- Bit silly, tries to fill in gaps in plot
    VI- Reasonable social commentary and interesting plot developments
    VII- Kinda looking forward to how they use 3-D, tie up the loose ends and what the traps will be like.


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