Friday, 24 September 2010

Favourite Film Faces #8: Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

So, months ago I visited Prague and, amongst the art, culture, food and good-times that was had by all, I did manage to get together a short video to precede a podcast which Jo and I will inevitably complete on the [current] Mission: Impossible Series. In the same way that we covered the entire Scream, Jurassic Park  and Jason Bourne films, we will cover all three Mission: Impossible films to build ourselves up for M:I-4 or M:I:4 or whatever they are going to call it.

So, Sarah - as a present - purchased the 'Ultimate Missions Collection' and, day-by-day, the time draws closer tocovering all three films.

Suffice to say, Tom Cruise, as Ethan Hunt, in the Mission:Impossible, in my opinion, was the last time he looked good. To some extent, I think, they tried to bring M:I:3 back to the roots of the first one - so that doesn't really count - but most (if not all) of Cruise's other films since Mission:Impossible gives him that long-haired look which looks crap.

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  1. In the late 90s, someone must have told Tom Cruise that the secret to looking young was grinning non-stop. Uck. Creepy rictus grin Tom Cruise.


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