Thursday, 9 September 2010

TSAJS: Special Episode on 'The Collectors Room'

Luke Owen from Flickering Myth invited us to the Forbury Hotel for a special screening of the first two episodes of The Collectors Room, a new and exciting TV-Internet series with a horror-drama edge. In this special edition of their weekly film podcast review show Simon & Jo interview Luke and his co-conspirators Daniel J. Brant and Kate Hansell about the project then discuss the shows they watched; The Last Serenade and Sam. We get to the bottom of the filmmakers intentions and future plans as well evaluating the quality of the work. The music is from the shows theme tune.

If you like the sound of the programmes then check them out here and don't forget to tune into The Simon and Jo Film Show this weekend for more reviews, news and stuff. If you'd like us to review your film/tv programme/anything else then please get in touch here.
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  1. Great show - it was fun to hear all about the process that Luke and Co. ran through to get this off the ground, and you guys' conversation with them sounded like a blast.

    The Simon and Jo Film Show expands...curious to hear what the next special surprise you've mentioned is.

    Happy 1-year anniversary, too. Not sure of the date, but I know it's coming up. So weird, I could have sworn that when I first listened (right about then, no doubt) that you guys had been doing it for awhile. Pros from the start!

  2. @Fletch - Every conversation we have is 'a blast'. Maybe that should be our tagline.

    1-year anniversary is not on us yet, though it is this month sometime. Seriously... I have no idea what to do about it. Maybe try and get loads of people involved ...

  3. Don't worry - the LAMBcast's anniv is also right around the corner, and we're gonna do something special for it, but I have yet to think of what that will be, either. Something will come to us!


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