Thursday, 16 September 2010

TSAJS: Special Episode on 'Kandahar Break: Fortress of War'

Released this week, Kandahar Break:Fortress of War is our focus on a special edition of 'The Simon and Jo Film Show'.

From the website:

"Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1999. A team of British mine clearance engineers, including Richard Lee (Shaun Dooley - Salvage, Eden Lake) and Steve Delamore (Dean Andrews - Ashes to Ashes) are working for the Taliban Government to clear mine in the scorching deserts of Southern Afghanistan.

But when Richard falls for their beautiful Afghan interpreter he soon finds himself at the mercy of the local police chief Ashiq Khan, who instigates a manhunt to kill the British infidel. Now alone, Richard must escape on foot through hostile terrain into nearby Pakistan, aided by a force of rebel guerrillas who agree to help him flee from the vengeful Taliban.

With relentless thrills and an action-packed story, Kandahar Break: Fortress of War is a gripping and exhilarating adventure-ride from start to finish."

The trailer and all other information can be found here

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  1. I like a good love story (don't tell anyone).

  2. I spoke too soon - the 'other' special ep has already been posted!

    I guess I'll have to listen to hear how you came about reviewing this one.

  3. @Scare Sarah - its not really a love story... its love AT WAR story.

    @Fletch - we came about reviewing it because we were asked to review it... start of small and soon enough we will be hired to cover the Premiere for Batman 3!


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