Thursday, 30 September 2010

Favourite Film Faces #9: Jason Lee in 'Enemy of the State'

Having just listened to the Reel Insight podcast with Rachel and Jess and they briefly mentioned Jason Lee - having played a small part in a Sigourney Weaver/Gene Hackman film HeartBreakers - and I thought ... oh yeah. Jason Lee ...

Now I'm not a big Kevin Smith fan and I haven't seen a single episode of My Name is Earl so unlike some people, I am in no-way a big fan of Jason Lee, but I always remember him in Enemy of the State. And that ties in with the [ridiculous] possibility of Tony Scott directing the new Superman movie.

Jason Lee's brief role in Enemy of the State is unforgettable (and he reminds me of Ryan Reynolds...). As is the fire truck. And then there is the incredible cast! Jack Black, Seth Green, Barry Pepper, Jamie Kennedy - "I though it was a training op'-, Tom Sizemore and obviously the leads: Will Smith and Gene Hackman. And theres more... Jon Voight! who else ... What a great film! I may watch it soon following this post...

And before anyone says it - I haven't seen The Conversation yet...

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  1. I dig the cast of Enemy of the State, too. It's fairly good for being a mostly mindless action thriller. Lee is good in it, but he sure ain't in it for very long. If you like Lee at all, you really, really, must see Mallrats, though. Seriously.

  2. Jason Lee is always good value although he has never been as great as he was in Mallrats.

    Ace supporting in Vanilla Sky, Heartbreakers, Almost Famous & Dreamcatcher.

  3. I watched MALLRATS actually and I thought it was ... 'alright'. Hardly an AMAZING FILM! Does it change cinema? does it make an important statement? does it show a part of life none of use has seen? No.

    Does it praise the geek? Yes.

    That doesn't make it a good film.

  4. Oh, Mallrats is a terrible 'film,' but that doesn't change the fact that Lee is hilarious in it.

  5. I really enjoyed Enemy of the State. It's become less fun over the years though, especially the Bush administration.

  6. I'm about a week late here, but thanks for the shout out! Jason Lee is alright, but I don't insist on watching films for him (not sure anyone does). I'd certainly agree that Mallrats is one of his better roles.


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