Monday, 15 November 2010

Across the Blogosphere ...

I haven't had an 'Across the Blogosphere' in some time, so I thought, now I have a few blogs and podcasts to mention, now would be the time.

First up, and arrogantly so, I featured on the LAMBcast for the first time. Its always difficult for us Brit folks to manage to take part in these things - often the ideal time is in the afternoon on a Saturday and - if thats the time people start across the atlantic - us Brit folks are at that moment in the middle of our Saturday night festivities. Thanks to Nick and Jason for beginning a little earlier so I could take part! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I hope to take part again in the future.

Secondly, as most people know already, Mad Hatter managed to snag a sweet interview with an Oscar-Winning editor - no other than Walter Murch, who edited the sound on Apocalypse Now! amongst a huge bunch of Francis Ford Coppola films. Do have a listen!

Thirdly, Univarn found his favourite faux-movie trailers. You can find a bunch on YouTube, but some of these you might have missed ... I know I had.

One more? Sure - this site I have only recently found and it is incredible. The 1001 Movies club has not ceased it continues in the form of filmsquish! so check it out! It shall not be long before my review on Melies A TRIP TO THE MOON will be a part of the relaunch!

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  1. See, now this is just getting embarrassing. Thank you very much for getting behind that wonderful moment for my humble podcast. It killed me to quietly sit on it for three weeks, but the feedback people like you have given me on it has made it very worthwhile.

    As for your stint on the LAMBcast - bravo! Listened to it last night while fixing supper and must say that you were easily the best part of that show.

    Just what The LAMBcast has been missing the year it's been going - British sophistication!


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