Sunday, 21 November 2010

TSAJS: 21/11/2010 Chico and Rita and Harry Potter (Part 1)

Beginning from the Clapham Picturehouse yet again, this week we dodge the Potter-madness by watching animated-romance Chico and Rita. But alas, 'Potter' has not escaped us as Simon rewatched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The usual news and UK Box-Office is discussed and criticised too with discussion about the recent trailers for Source Code, the new Duncan Jones film and The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and, much to Jo's distaste, Blake Lively.


The vast majority of music is from the trailer for Chico and Rita, whilst I hunted down tracks by Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk who feature in the film too. Its strange, but currently there is no soundtrack available to this film ... but if Jazz is your bag then, hunt it down on amazon.

The tracks from Harry Potter are not the originals unfortunately, pulled from the album The Music of John Williams performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.



We mentined Jon over at Splendor Cinema and the Brighton Film Festival which we hope to cover in next weeks podcast.

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  1. Source Code looks excellent.

  2. Source Code does seem awesome!

  3. I subscribed to your podcast via iTunes and listened to this episode with great enjoyment. By George, it's like having access to another Kermode and Mayo!

    You mentioned your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I suppose that I should be over there now, rather than here, but I haven't quite got the Facebook habit yet, save to visit my daughter's page to view her photo albums. My Facebook page seems just plain weird, with postings on the wall there (if that's what it's called) of folks I don't have the heart to unfriend.

    In college on Valentine's Day one year I received in my mailbox a Valentine from a girl I liked. She addressed it to "Jo" and I puzzled over that, as yes, the name is strictly for girls in the States. I assumed that Jo would be Simon's spouse on your podcast, but I see now that England operates on a different level where first names are concerned.

  4. Well! Joem18b! Indeed welcome to our podcast! To be compared to Mayo and Kermode is indeed wonderful - and I have me Kermode twice to listen ... he was given a card and praised muchos but we still have no evidence about whether he listens...

    Regarding Jo's name ... well ... indeed I believe it is strictly for girls too ... only Jo believes otherwise. Its not even short for Joseph... It is simply Jo.

    Joem! We shall try and give you a shoutout in this weeks podcast! Great to hear back and I hope you enjoy the show in the future!

  5. A splendid 'cast to listen to on my tramp down to work boys - well done.

    One thought...
    David Cameron would like more British films like 'Harry Potter'...
    of course he bloody would - they're funded by American money. I can't believe that the man who has overseen the disbanding of the UK Film Council could have the nerve to make any comment on the quality of British film.
    FYI if anyone is interested in the fallout of this :

    Rant over - but this links quite conveniently into the topic for this months baffler: British Film.
    Hope you enjoyed it guys and hope everyone else enjoys listening and indeed having a go themselves - let us know your thoughts and how you got on.

  6. Thanks Rich! It is crazy how little the current government seem to credit the arts. An incredible art-scene, i think, says a number of positive things about the society: freedom of expression, appreication of other perspectives and views, challenging and speaking out against world concerns, etc.

    Well... I await the baffler...

  7. Stephen Fry has a male friend named Jo, according to his autobiography.

    Also, according to the book Tik-Tok of Oz, the kingdom of Oogaboo has in it 18 men, all named Jo.

  8. Well ... 'Jo' is the only 'Jo' I know ... so maybe Jo is friends with Stephen Fry?

  9. Please ask him and let us know.

  10. Great show as usual, gents. I hadn't heard of Chico and Rita, but it sounds, well, lovely. From what you've said, it sounds like it might be a less-political-yet-still-close-enough decent companion to Persepolis, in that it's an adult animated feature that touches on cultural events and history while placing less of an emphasis on the animation. And the music sounds great!

    Love that you're going back and re-visiting the HP series as well, Simon. I always enjoy when people (such as you guys) do these things and get a fresh take on a familiar film (well, to all but Jo, I suppose). And that Malfoy impression is ace (to borrow from Jo's vernacular).

    Will be catching up on newer shows soon!


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