Thursday, 4 November 2010

Favourite Film Faces #11: Jack Nicholson in 'The Departed'

I heard Danny Boyle mention the Jack Nicholson quote "act accordingly" when referring to the inevitably of death.

And then I remembered someone mentioning how Nicholson was awful in The Departed.

He is awesome in The Departed. End of.

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  1. Whomever it was that said anything discouraging about The Departed or Jack Nicholson simply have no basis for such a comment or comments. The Departed received a 93% rating at rottentomatoes and nearly tripled it's budget in box office receipts. Now mind you I don't stand behind facts and figures as the root source of movie success but those cites in particular are a solid barometer for when a film is working - or at least a source of contention for when you want to discuss a film, filmmaker or actor in some detail. Jack Nicholson is that rare multi-generational actor who appeals to a broad spectrum of movie goers and is equally adept at intimate character driven films (As Good as it gets - please see my review on Above the Line) and mob-type, kingpin gangster films like The Departed. You can go back over his entire career and find one film after the other that are some of the most memorable, successful and brilliant performances of any actor from any era since films began. I know that is a bold statement but the facts just don't lie.

    Go back to A Few Good Men, hell go back to Easy Rider and The Shooting, Five Easy Pieces, The Shining, Chinatown, Batman for goodness sake. The man is the bar younger actors aspire and often fail when their good looks no longer bring in the films. Jack isn't so much an actor as an icon of cinema.

    Going back to The Departed, it is by far the best Scorsese film since Goodfellas and that's no lie.


  2. Kid - glad you agree.

    Rory - Welcome to Screen Insight first off! But yeah, I am not stating who it was who said nicholson wasn't great but I was flabergasted. It truly is crazy talk - Nicholson is incredible and sure knows how to act. I've started following your site now too Rory! Seems great so far!

  3. Nicholson's performance in The Departed is one of his best. What a twit!


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