Thursday, 25 November 2010

Baffler #5: Bourne's British Brain Baffler

So, we have a new quiz with a much more focus on British Cinema. Jo and I are pitted against each other, yet again, and attempt to out-quiz each other. As usual, Richard Bourne presides over.

As usual - get your results in as soon as a you can and - as it is only 10 minutes long - feel free to use the widget at the top of this page to listen and then comment below with your results.

Its all fun and games really and, feel free to track down Bafflers #1- #4 on podomatic and on itunes...


Scores so far, after the jump ...

1. Simon - 5.5
1. Emlyn - 5.5 (Well done Sir! I am concerned that you may have to replace one of us on the podcast soon because you always beat one of us ... what will we do when you beat both of us!!)
2. Jo - 3
3. Rachel - 1 (Bad luck! Richard said it was a toughie and, clearly, for some it may have been too tough!)

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  1. I got a pitiful 1/10 and I only knew the Chariots of Fire answer because it was my mom's favorite movie when I was a kid. That's just sad.

  2. It's no disgrace it was a tough one unless British film is your thing. It just fitted the alliteration so well - i'm going to run out of topics soon enough though :o)

    Thanks for letting us know that you are playing along.

  3. Yeah! Well done indeed Rachel! You stats are already on the post!

  4. That was bloody tough! I wanna say I got four, but it's probably more like three. Next time - American trivia! Yay! Oh wait, in order to match the Bs, I guess it might have to be Boston or Baton Rouge or something like that.

    Well done, Simon! About time you pulled off the upset.


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