Sunday, 14 November 2010

TSAJS: 14/11/2010 The Kids Are All Right/All The King's Men

First off, kudo's to Jo for his new logo for the show - Well Done Sir!

This week, we begin at Leicester Square and move to the Curzon Cinema to record. Jo and I finally watch the highly acclaimed The Kid's Are All Right, directed by Llisa Cholodenko whilst Simon goes back to his Best Picture Oscar winners by watching All the King's Men from 1949.

Additionally, we run through lots of news on The Dark Knight Rises, information on the new Steve McQueen/Michael Fassbender project, Carey Mulligan and Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.



All music is from the soundtrack to The Kids are All Right, available on amongst other major retailers.


Mike McKenny reminded us about The Leeds International Film Festival which you can check out by clicking here

The LAMBcast this week holds the views Simon has on both Paranormal Activity films - so go and listen to it..

Michel Gondry's solving a Rubik's cube with his nose and his toes ...

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  1. Simon and Jo,

    The new logo is fantastic!

    When will hear reviews of the Harry Potter films?


    p.s it seems I am allowed to say more on the blog than on the podcasts! I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!!

  2. You are right anonymous Sarah, it is an absolutely incredible logo. Anonymous Jo


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