Saturday, 20 November 2010

Favourite Film Faces #13: Peter Breck in 'Shock Corridor'

So, this was the first time I have seen Shock Corridor and the first Samuel Fuller film I have seen. It is a great film - incredible acting on Peter Breck's part. The clear influence on Shutter Island is clear from the outset as Breck, akin to DiCaprio, is investigating a 'case' in an asylum... and, inevitably, things go wrong...

When Breck is having difficulting speaking it truly is a terrifying prospect - you can completely imagine that feeling of mentally knowing what you want to say, but your mouth simply not moving. Its not The Matrix-type sealed-up, its a simple case of your mouth not moving ... everyone else just thinks your ebing silent ... you can't prove why it is happening, but it is ...

Peter Breck has you in absolute terror as he narrates the situation: "Who killed Sloane?.... who killed sloane?"...

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