Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bourne's Bloody Brain Baffler

[Updated 4/11/2010]

We have another Brain baffler available to download and this is a Halloween treat for everyone! Again, Simon and Jo are pitted against each other once again and after Jo's, so far, three-win streak the question remains ... does Simon know anything about films? This will prove one way or the other.

Currently, only Jo and I (and Rachel from Rachels Reel Reviews and The LAMB) have scores [so far] but as you listen and gain a score, email in and comment below and we shall add you to the ranking.

You can always email The Simon and Jo Show on simonandjoshow@gmail.com or find us on Facebook and Twitter - which you can see links for on the left-hand side.

Click on the link to see the scores thus far ...

Scores for the Bloody Baffler are as follows:

[9 Points] - Jo

[7.5] - Rachel from Rachels Reel Reviews

[6.5] - Simon

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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