Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Adjustment Bureau with Mad Hatter...

Hatter and I seem to have a very similar attitude to film - both interested in the classics, both interested in building upon our knowledge of cinema by crawling through the '100 Best...' lists. Either we have seen it or we cry ourselves to sleep wishing we had.

Fact is, through watching The Adjustment Bureau we seem to go against each other - Hatter loving the film, whilst I despised it.

It turned into a great back-and-forth email and Mad Hatter put it up on his blog so, indeed, have a gander!

I think it fair to say that it gets a bit heated ...

On a sidenote, isn't the poster very similar to North by Northwest...

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Not heated at all from my perspective - just a rather in-depth discussion about what does and doesn't work for us as viewers.

    TRhanks again for taking the time to hash it out with me. Love that we were able to break it down, disagree, and still shake hands and walk away.

  2. I thought the 'heated discussion' might attract some additional readers in fairness. Having said that, the best arguments is when they get crazy and manage to still balance out at the end! Happy to do it though - and I'd be happy to do it again!


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