Thursday, 24 March 2011

A-Z #60: The Departed

You can pick up hundreds of DVD's for a round-pound each - it doesn't matter. Its never about quantity, its about quality. A-Z is my way of going through my collection, from A-Z, and understanding why I own the films ... or you can tell me why I should sell 'em

#60 - The Departed 
*Just realised I've missed #59 ... too late ... #59 will arrive in due course ...

Why did I buy it?

I remember when I watched this at the cinema - at the time I was training to be a teacher and I wasn't up-to-date with the films. Sarah and I were tryig to choose which film and we noticed at the last minute The Departed. It rang a few bells, primarily that Scorsese was directing. I took a chance and it remained one of my favourite films of the year. I pre-order the DVD and ensured I had the sweet HMV exclusive sleeve ...

Why do I still own it?

This is so incredibly rewatchable. The whole Boston setting, the duality of all the characters - Damon and DiCaprio, Nicholson and Sheen. I think I may sell it ... only to purchase the film on Blu-Ray. As it is an ensemble, it can be difficult to catch your breath - constantly shifting from one character to another alongside an incredible soundtrack and a finale that, for a first watch, is simply unbelievable. Scorsese can indeed remake films, through this adaptation of Infernal Affairs and, to top it off, even win Best Picture with the same film.

I think my personal love of this film is the 'facts' that inspired this interpretation. Namely James 'Whitey' Bulger - the gangster Jack Nicholson bases his character on. James J. Bulger, like Nicholson's Frank Costello is an Irish, American who is alleged to have led the Winter Hill gang in Boston during the 70's and 80's ... only to leave Boston in 1995. Never to be seen again. He is still on the FBI Most Wanted List and, the last official sighting was in 2002... in London.

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  1. Sell it to me! Oh wait, the shipping wouldn't make that worth it. Can't believe I don't own it, though when I had HBO, they aired it near constantly, so I've seen it a number of times, and yes, it's so damn rewatchable it's not even funny.

  2. I think the smugness of those characters make you want ot revisit it - and that doesn't even mention the very small minor role Wahlberg plays that, every time you see him and he speaks, the film is that tiny bit better. You will not own this one Mr Cabin.

  3. First of all, an FYI - like the issues that Hatter and I had with our sites, I'm not getting email replies from your site. Disqus looks nice, but has a few problems that just kill it, that being a big one. And I always click "subscribe by email."

    Anyway, sad face for me. Yes, I will own it! Just not by your hands...but I understand.

  4. That explains why I haven't responded to any of your responses to my comments. Never saw them. I only happened to see them because I logged into my Disqus account for one reason or another...

  5. Which means I won't see your response to this, either, unless you email it to me (or I log back into here in three weeks). ;)


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