Sunday, 9 January 2011

TSAJFS 09/01/2011 The Kings Speech/Deliverance/Machete

From the balcony of the New Years Party, Simon and Jo are now able to watch the films released in the US in 2010 - namely Tom Hoopers The King's Speech and Robert Rodriguezs' Machete. Simon additionally watched John Boormans Deliverance as one of 1001 Movies he must see before he dies.

UK Box-Office and New-Releases discussion ensue whilst the News discusses Gareth Edwards taking on Godzilla, Tarantino's Top 10 of 2010 and Frodo Baggins return amongst many other topics.


Facebook-er of the week is Whitney Borup, aka, Whitney from the "Frankly, My Dear" podcast - make sure you listen!

Twitter-er of the week is Peter Bradshow, click here for his Twitter-feed, as he is an esteemed film critic for The Guardian.


All music is from the soundtrack to The Kings Speech by Alexandre Desplat (same guy who composed the score for Polanski's The Ghost and the odd Harry Potter film!)

The last track is taken from Deliverance and the duelling-banjo sequence. 

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