Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A-Z #13: The Apartment

You can pick up hundreds of DVD's for a buck each - it doesn't matter. Its never about quantity, its about quality. A-Z is my way of going through my collection, from A-Z, and justifying why I own the films...

#13 - The Apartment

Why did I buy it?

It is constantly on those 'Best Film of All Time' lists and Adam Kempenaar constantly raves about it on Filmspotting. Had to be done... it was just a matter of time before I snapped it up for a fiver. From Fopp.
Why do I still own it?

Because it is a great film, with a brilliant character in Jack Lemmon. I personally seemed to fall into that category whereby my friends-who-are-hot-girls turned out to be girls-I-fancied and, inevitably, this generally ruined the friendship. The Apartment shows a situation whereby the 'nice-guy' gets the girl. Happy days indeed.

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  1. I'm a big fan of great last lines - "Shut up and deal" is certainly one of the best.


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