Saturday, 15 January 2011

A-Z #10: American Graffiti

You can pick up hundreds of DVD's for a buck each - it doesn't matter. Its never about quantity, its about quality. A-Z is my way of going through my collection, from A-Z, and justifying why I own the films...

#10 - American Graffiti 

Why did I buy it?

I heard alot of good things about it, I thought it'd be interesting to see a pre-Star Wars George Lucas film and - at the time - I was reading Peter Biskind's Easy Riders, Raging Bulls...

Why do I still own it?

Because, as a fan of American Pie and such, I felt that American Graffiti was the film that preceded it and paved the way for the group-of-guys, end-of-school prom film. I mean, its alot of fun and the fifties nostalgia additionally makes a great context for the teen-comedy. Harrison Fords small role is funny and, most importantly, Ron Howard is the lead actor...  

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