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A-Z #3: A:I Artificial Intelligence

As we all know, if you want a big film collection, nowadays, it is easy. You can pick up hundreds of DVD's for a buck each - it doesn't matter. But, as a film fan, I'm sure - like every other film fan - the first thing you have a gander at when visiting a new friends house is their film collection - its never about quantity, its about quality. A-Z is my way of going through my collection, from A-Z, and justifying why I own the films...

#3 - AI: Artificial Intelligence

Why did I buy it?

This is one of the 'early ones'. Back in the early days of DVD's - say, 2000-2002 - it was more about how many you owned. At the time, free DVDs in the newspaper was the thing of dreams. Fact is, I saw it at the cinema and recalled it being 'alright' and - oooo, a cardboard sleeve, a double-disc set... these things used to be special (I say in a grumpy, old-man mood). But, believe me this was nearly on my way out ...

Must've cost £24.99 back in the day, but was bought on a "2 for £30"... in hindsight, the purchase, at that price, was foolish.
Why do I still own it?

But I kept it on a few grounds. One - I was building up a sweet Spielberg collection which would've been complete except I bought 1941... it really is that bad and I knew I wouldn't watch it so cashed it in. The second reason was the Kubrick-connection. I haven't watched all of Stanley Kubricks films, but wholly intend to - and though this ain't a Kubrick, it has alot of his ideas within it. The image above being an idea conceived by Kubrick - verging on HR Giger territory - but it doesn't matter, those visuals alone are incredible and Spielberg + Kubrick + Incredible Visual story = a-keeper.

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  1. I also don't hate it. There are a lot of surprise performances in it that I'm reminded are better than I thought the first time. I think Haley Joel was so overexposed by the time this came out the the fact that he's plastic looking and annoying created a very fast backlash. Glad you've kept it.

  2. You are right! When capturing the shot I selected I watched bits from it - and Jude Law is in a role whereby he is not a dick. One of the very few methinks. And, like Arnie in terminator, Osment playing a robot - if its bad acting, then it works!

  3. £24.99 / 2 for £30 - ouch. But I remember when I had to buy DVDs at that sort of price. I was talking a few days ago with friends about spending £15 on VHS videos when they were first released. I pre-order the video of Jurassic Park in 1993/4 - that must have been £15.

    Now it's great. I always wait for the films to come down to the £5 and below range. And it's never long before they do. I see you can pick up Kick Ass for £4.99 now and that hasn't been out too long.

    I own A.I but it isn't one of my favourite Spielberg films. I think it's great in parts, not so good in others. The visuals are fantastic and middle section of the film is awesome largely because of the world Spielberg puts the characters in.

  4. @Dan - I know! The cheap-ness of DVD's now is part of the reason these posts are that much more neccessary. ANYONE can get films ... but its all about quality not quantity.

  5. C'mon, you're never gonna watch this again, however 'good' Jude Law is. You'd have to switch it off before the last half hour so as to avoid gouging out your own eyes. HJO is so bad he's bad, hence this website;

    Jo says Sell It!


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